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Dog Boarding Kennels | Pet Boarding Kennels | Elite Trades

Find Dog Boarding Kennels In Your Local Area

Welcome to the Elite Trades, where we can help you to find the friendliest dog boarding kennels in your area. If you need to go away but cannot take your dog, then these businesses can look after your pooch and make him feel right at home in an environment with other dogs and trained people for him to play with.

Browse our directory to find the selection of the homeliest dog kennels in your local area in the United Kingdom.

Featured Services

Fully Licensed

All dog boarding kennels are fully licensed throughout the UK. Find kennels near you.

Heated Kennels

Kennels are heated to ensure all dogs are cared for with the highest quality services.

Dog Exercise Areas

All dogs are walked twice a day, ensuring the dogs are looked after with lots of care.

Security Protected

High security services are inside and around the kennels, ensuring stable protection.

Professional Grooming

All dogs are carefully groomed by professional dog groomers with experience.

Inspection Invited

Inspections can take place within opening hours so you can check on your own pets.

Quality Pet Food

Kennels use quality food to ensure the pets are given full, healthy and nutritious food.


Dogs are cared for in a loving and professional way with the right care and attention.

Expert Services

Every kennel on our directory employ only trained and experienced staff.

Providing Service In Your Area

We at the Elite Trades know that it can be hard to leave your dog behind while you go away. For this reason, we ensure that every kennel listed on our website are very welcoming towards your pet, whether they are large or small, enjoy other dogs’ company or only enjoy the company of people and avoid other dogs.

Most dog boarding homes can offer this easily, as they offer private rooms for dogs housed in the boarding kennel. Your dog will also have room to exercise, as most kennels provide a large space for dogs to run and stretch their legs in the company of other dogs. With dog loving staff in all boarding kennels, your dog is sure to love the kennels without becoming too sad about you not being there.

Browse our directory to find the right boarding kennel for your dog in your local area.

Find A Kennel Near You

When you need to Find a boarding kennel, there is no other choice than Elite Trades. Scroll down below to find a boarding kennel in your area.

Are you a local boarding kennel? Would you like to be listed on the UK’s number 1 directory? Please remember that we only allow 3 exclusive dog boarding kennels to advertise each local area. Check out our monthly and annual price plans here.