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Pet Grooming | Mobile Dog Groomers | Elite Trades

Find Mobile Dog Groomers Near You

Welcome to Elite Trades, where we take your dog’s hygiene seriously. We list only the best dog groomers in your area, so you know that your pet is getting the best clean that they deserve.

Your dog needs to be clean for their health, so why allow them to be dirty especially if you don’t have time to wash them yourself?

Browse our directory to find a mobile groomer who cares about your dog today.

Featured Services

Bathing and Shampoo

A professional can use specialist products suitable for all coats to ensure the coat is deep cleaned.

Ears Cleaned

Due to their long ear canals, dogs are susceptible to ear infections, a professional can clean your dog’s ear safely.

Safe Claw Clipping

This needs to be done at least once a month – a professional can ensure this is trouble-free.


Some breeds of dog need this specialised grooming technique at least twice a year.

Full Pet Grooming

Professional groomers are equipped with appropriate grooming supplies for each dog.

Fur Trimming & Styling

This is essential for dogs with continuously growing hair, an expert can tell you when a haircut is due.

Local Grooming

Elite Trades lists a selection of dog groomers and mobile dog groomers in each area of the United Kingdom. This ensures that you find a dog groomer that you can take your dog to with ease.

Some also offer specially made vans so they can wash your dog without causing a mess to your home, as well as giving you time to relax as your dog receives a pampering.

If your pet is a mucky pup, then it is often the case that dirt becomes lodged in his fur and he will need an extra deep clean. The professionals on our directory can do this for you, as well as give them accessories to make them look even cuter than they did before.

With professional grooming services on our directory, your dog is sure to feel like he is the top of the pack.

Browse our directory to find the right groomer that can make your furry friend look and feel healthy.

Pet Grooming Near You

When you need to find a dog groomer there is no other choice than Elite Trades. Scroll down below to find a dog groomer in your area.

Are you a local dog groomer? Would you like to be listed on the UK’s number 1 directory? Please remember that we only allow 3 exclusive dog groomers to advertise each local area. Check out our monthly and annual price plans here.