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Gas Engineer | Gas Safe Engineers | Elite Trades

Find a Gas Engineer In Your Area

Elite Trades is here to help you find the best gas fitters and gas engineers in your area. With listings all over the UK, you are sure to find gas safe engineers who can help you with any problems you may be experiencing, and can be trusted to fit your gas appliance to a high standard.

All gas engineers listed on our directory are on the Gas Safe Register, so you will definitely be in safe, competent hands. When you need help to fit a gas appliance, you can call a competent gas fitter to do so for you. This means that you are not putting yourself in danger, as an engineer can handle gas safely.

Browse our directory to find a UK gas engineer today.

Professional Services

Boiler Servicing

A boiler service should be carried out annually to prevent potential problems that could be dangerous by a CORGI registered professional.


Boiler Repairs

An expert has the qualifications required work on and provide options of repair for your boiler system – replacing a valve or cleaning your tank.





Emergency Repairs

Most businesses will provide a 24-hour emergency service so a professional will be on hand to fix your problem at any time.






Have an expert advise on central heating, under floor heating, combined heat and power amongst others to heat your property.





Gas Leaks

If you suspect a gas leak, open all the doors and windows, turn off gas supply and do not: smoke, light matches or turn anything electrical on or off.

Gas Safe Engineers

All our professionals are qualified and can legally work on gas. Ask to see your engineers Gas Safe Register ID card which contains their unique licence number.

Professionals In Your Area

Elite Trades is here to help you find the best gas engineers in your area. All gas engineers listed here have to be thoroughly vetted by the Gas Safe Register, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands by browsing our directory.

All businesses on our directory are able to fit gas appliances safely, as well as repair and maintain them. It is dangerous to fit gas appliances without training, so it is best that you keep safe and hire an expert, qualified gas engineer. An engineer will make sure that you are able to use your gas appliances safely, as well as check them for defects when needed.

The gas engineers on our directory can repair various gas appliances, such as ovens and fireplaces, as well as fitting them safely. They can also perform checks for you to ensure that your home is gas safe, and warn you about potential danger signs while they are there.

They may take apart your gas appliance to perform a check, but this is a safe procedure and there is no need for concern, as it will be put back together safely. It is not advised that you do this yourself, as you could let dangerous gas escape from the appliance while you try and take it apart.

The gas fitters on our directory can also cater to commercial clients, meaning that businesses can benefit from being gas safe as well. If you are a business that needs to find a gas engineer, then the Elite Trades can help you to find the best gas engineers that will suit the needs of your business, whether you need a gas refit or an entirely new gas appliance. This is especially important if you rely on a gas cooker to run your restaurant – they are often easier to gauge heat with.

If you notice any sign of a gas leak, then you should contact a gas safe engineer immediately – it could be very dangerous. You should leave your home and contact a gas engineer immediately if your gas alarm goes off. Faulty gas appliances are often the cause of a gas leak, so it is recommended that you call an engineer to your home as soon as it is safe to do so and the gas has cleared.

On the Elite Trades, we offer a list of helpful gas engineers ready to assist you with your gas troubles and faulty appliances. We offer a list of only the best gas fitters in your area, so you do not have to spend time looking through a long list of gas engineers who may not be right for you.

Find Gas Safe Engineers Near You

When you need to find a gas engineer there is no other choice than Elite Trades. Scroll down below to find a gas fitter in your area.

Are you a local gas engineer? Would you like to be listed on the UK’s number 1 trades directory? Please remember that we only allow 3 specialist gas engineers to advertise each local area. Check out our monthly and annual price plans here.