Guide to Choosing a Reputable Cleaning Company

Posted By Admin / 15th October 2015 / Guides / Comments are disabled

Do you need a trustworthy local cleaner? One that is professional and reliable? Then don’t worry we want to make sure you get the best cleaner out there, a cleaner who will make sure your home is kept clean and tidy. This is why you need to follow this guide, as there is many cleaners out there who don’t care about client satisfaction and don’t deserve your business.

Make a List

The first thing you need to do is decide on the area and room you want cleaning, make a list for example master bedroom- hoover the floors, dust windowsills and skirting boards etc. This will make it easier for the cleaner to quote you and will also make it easier when it comes to delegating the cleaning duty to your cleaner. I know you may be thinking that the cleaner doesn’t need a list to tell them what to do, but in actual fact this helps the cleaner keep on track and stops them missing important cleaning tasks.

Search For Your Cleaner

Next you want to ask family, friends and neighbours for referrals as most people who have had a positive experience with a company would be happy to refer them, and you never know they might have vouchers and coupons for referrals which could benefit both you and them. Of course if you don’t have anyone that can refer a company to you then don’t worry there are still ways to get the perfect cleaner. All you need to do is start searching trusted sites such as Elite Trades and Check a Trade, these sites only hire trusted professionals that have been vigorously vetted, and continue to be spot checked on a regular basis by the sites. This ensures you get a professional service all the time.

Ask For Referrals

Whilst searching the internet you want to make sure you look for companies or cleaners that are insured just in case any accidents do happen. Once you have found three potential cleaning services you need to start looking for references and reviews, you can look for these on the internet or you can ask them. You will usually find they will have a few numbers of current or previous clients, ring these clients and try and get a feel for how they really felt about the service. You could ask the cleaners whether they have had any CRB checks done as some cleaning services do require there cleaners to have this check done as standard practice.

Go in to Detail

Once this is sorted and you have decided who you want to have work for you, once you have agreed a price you need to make sure this price is put into writing, ensuring that the information is put in a contract. You can then go into more detail with that list for the cleaner, coming up with the day you would like a cleaner to come into your premises, if you choose multiple day you may want delegate different jobs on different days.


Once you have done all the paperwork you’re ready for your cleaner to start. Just remember to check their work as after some time they may become slap dash and start missing things off. If you keep your presence known they should realize that they can’t slack off in your home. So once all this has been sorted you should be good to go. So as long as you follow the few steps we have here, you will be fine when it comes to hiring your new cleaner, ensuring your home is a clean space and tidy space once again.