What to Look For in a Reliable Paving Company

Posted By Admin / 15th October 2015 / Guides / Comments are disabled

Do you need a professional paver or driveway installer that is local to your area but you are unsure how to know your hiring the best one? Well keeping to these easy tips you will be able to find a professional tradesman, who can deliver driveway and paving solutions you can be proud of.

Ask Your Friends and Family

First thing you should do is ask friends and family even neighbours if they have any recommendations, as asking someone you know is usually more trustworthy. If your family and friends do not have any recommendations then it time to start scouring the internet. You should using trustworthy sites like Elite Trades and Check a Trade as these sites make sure all prospective tradesmen go through vigorous checks to make sure they are skilled enough to be listed on their site. They also do regular on the spot check to ensure the great services is being continued throughout.

What Should I Be Asking?

You should try and have around three different professionals to give you a quote. Before choosing which tradesmen you want to hire, make sure you check these areas. Do they have references and testimonials? Check the internet for reviews and testimonials if you can’t find anything, then ask the tradesman if he has at least 5 recent reviews that you can have a look at, Can they give you telephone numbers of any recent customers so you can get in contact with them. Get in contact with previous customers and make an appointment to see the finished work, try asking the customers for their honest opinion on the installer, Ask about experience and how many years they have been in the industry. I know you may be thinking well that a bit forward but any reputable installer with experience won’t have a problem with telling you, do they offer any guarantees on the work, ensure the installer is insured and check which insurance company.

Make A Decision

Once you have collected all this information you can make an informed decision. When choosing which professional you want to use. Don’t just choose the cheapest, always look at what each tradesman is offering in a whole. Be careful the cheapest may have some hidden prices for thing like labour, or materials. Make sure you have labour and materials all covered in the final cost and written down in the contract of work.


Once you have chosen your paver and checked all references you need to start talking money, the professional may want some money up front for materials this is fine. Try setting up an instalment scheme, never pay all the money upfront. Make sure you leave an amount for once the project is completed and you are fully satisfied, try and pay by card as this means you will be covered for fraud. Make sure you get receipts for all the payments you have made, keep these safe you never know when you might need them.

Fine Details

Once you have completed this sit down and go through all the finer details with your paver any good installer will be happy to help you with all the final details, they will want to make sure it looks as good as possible as this project will be added to his portfolio and would hope to use you as a reference.

Keep to these easy to follow tips and you will be well on your way to a driveway and path to be proud of.