What To Look For When Choosing A Roofing Company

Posted By Admin / 15th October 2015 / Guides / Comments are disabled

When looking for a Professional tradesman you may think its easy, a quick search in the yellow pages or choose the first one that pops up on the internet. Unfortunately when doing this you are more likely to end up with a rogue trader rather than a professional roofer. This is why we have set up this guide to help you know what to questions to ask and what to look for when hiring a Professional ensuring you only get the best.

Research Local Roofers

The first thing you should be doing is research. You need to research local roofers using recommendations from friends and family members, as they have first-hand experience of the professional. If you don’t have any recommendations then going through well-known sites such as Elite Trades, where they personally vet and check recommendations and testimonials before the professionals are then added to their site. Elite Trades then do regular spot checks to make sure they are keeping to their high standards of trading.

Checking References and Testimonials

You want to have at least 2 different tradesmen to give you their professional quote, most roofing companies will require seeing the property before giving an accurate quote. After you have your three professionals call them for quotes and ask if they have some addresses of local clients, so you can do a drive by inspection of the work. You can also ask for pictures and recent client testimonials so you can get a feel of the work on offer. After doing all these checks and receiving you quotes it time to make a decision.

Making a Decision

Making a decision may come across as easy (Go for the cheapest) but not always, more times than not there is a reason why the person is charging less. Usually because they want to lull you into a false sense of security charging you less now, and adding extras on during and by the end it dearer than you’re most expensive quote. So be careful when choosing a quote way up all the information and if you go for the lowest make sure all bases are covered in the contract in regards to materials, time spent, date start and date finished and the total amount payable and payment dates.


Always make sure the roofer is registered with a trade association and insured. After all checks and a signed contract you need to ask about payment never pay the full amount up front, try and pay in instalments. When paying you should try to pay by card as you are covered against fraud and always make sure you get receipts after every payment.

Enjoy Your Stress Free Restoration

Once all the paperwork is sorted and you have ironed out all the little kinks in the planning, you can sit back and relax knowing that you are in capable hands. Make sure you keep talking to your roofer, so you know where he is up to and if he is on track. Ensure he is keeping to plans you have discussed and that’s it you’re ready to go.

Following these simple tips should stop the rogue traders getting though allowing a competent, reliable professional who can help with all your roofing needs.