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In order to minimise the hassle of looking for painters and decorators East Kilbride and to make sure they meet our high standards, as well as your own, we provide you with some of the top decorators in your local area. Some of the surfaces they can paint include wood, metal and plaster.


Both externally and internally, a few of the decorators in this directory offer a spray painting service to give your company the perfect finish by keeping up to date with the latest technology.

  • Suspended ceiling spray painting – Some of the painters and decorators offer a spraying service to bring the ceiling back to its fresh condition
  • External and internal cladding spraying – With changing weather conditions swiftly affecting the look of external cladding, the professionals on this page are ready to offer a cost effective way of restoring your internal or external cladding to its initial condition by using a range of coating
  • Fine coat spray painting – High Volume Low Pressure spray services can significantly transform the look of framework


Painting and decorating your home requires time, attention and care. Your reassurance with the painters on our East Kilbride directory means confidence that work will be finished in time and as well as including a cost effective service. This painting and decorating service will pinpoint exactly what needs to be done along with a precise plan and a set price.


With a commercial painter and decorator East Kilbride, you want a professional who is dependable and who meets deadlines. When you are running a business, we understand how bothersome decorating can be – which is why some of the painters and decorators in East Kilbride will work beyond the usual hours to be able to make sure there are minimal disturbances as possible to your company.

Find Local Painters and Decorators in East Kilbride Today

Interested in one of our featured businesses? You can get in contact with one of the professionals on the Elite Trades to explore your personal plans today. Why not contact one of them to talk through your projects if you are intrigued? They are keen to redecorate your house and make your home your own.

Here is a list of services that you can expect from a professional:

  • Measuring surface areas to work out how much paint or wallpaper you need
  • Making sure the surfaces are balanced and even
  • Filling cracks and holes
  • Applying layers of paint
  • Hanging wallpaper
  • Cleaning up after finishing the job
  • Stripping off old wallpaper or paint
  • Mixing paint to the right shade
  • Preparing surfaces with undercoat and primer