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Driveway Pavers | Concrete Pavers | Elite Trades

Find Local Driveway Pavers

We at the Elite Trades know how important it is that the area around your home looks beautiful, which is why we list the best local driveway pavers in your area. These driveway paving specialists have the ability to make your driveway look amazingThe pavers on our directory have been personally approved by us to ensure that they provide only the best quality paving and that they have the experience to make your driveway look new, modern and refreshed, with contemporary and striking designs.

The concrete pavers on our directory have been proven to be reliable and trustworthy, and we provide a list of highly recommended concrete and driveway paving services near you. All pavers have been vetted by us so that you can be sure that all of them provide a high quality service.

Browse our directory of driveway and concrete pavers, ready to help improve your driveway or patio today.


Driveway Paving

Use a professional to find the best method to compliment the size and shape of your drive, also complimenting your property surroundings.

Block Paving

This is an inexpensive, more attractive way of paving that provides a variety of styles, colours and block sizes. The blocks can be easily lifted to replace.





Grass & Turf Paving

This is a very environmentally friendly method by recycling storm water runoff. It is easy to install and assemble, with no tools required.

Concrete Paving

This is a Low cost, Maintenance Free method of paving, it is very efficient and very durable which makes it highly easy to install and contains traditional and contemporary styles.

Laying Flag Paving

Flag paving allows unlimited design, colour and pattern options. It is a very durable and strong method; they are very economical can be installed in very little time.


Hire a professional who can point your driveway flawlessly to create a perfect finish, to avoid any damage to your pavement.


Local Concrete and More Paving Services

On the Elite Trades, there are a variety of driveway pavers listed who are happy to pave a full driveway or patio for you today. The pavers listed on our directory are experienced and are happy to provide examples of their work to you.





With a paved driveway, your house can look more pleasing than having a driveway made out of gravel. Pavers offer clay paving that is strong, long lasting and comes in a variety of colours. The colours of clay are completely natural and do not fade, so your driveway will always look as good as when you bought it. Concrete paving is also a reliable option, as it can be quickly and easily installed in concrete slabs.

Another option is permeable paving, which allows rainfall to penetrate past the bricks and soak into the ground. This prevents puddles that can cause the paving to sink into the ground. Also, in order to prevent theft, you can have a security post installed at the end of your concrete driveway. This prevents others from parking on your driveway without permission.

The pavers listed on our directory offer a variety of paving materials to suit your needs, such as clay, stone, concrete, permeable paving, X grid plastic or turf. You can even install grass underneath X grid plastic driveways to allow rain to penetrate into the ground.

All materials used are designed to bear tonnes of weight for a long time, so you do not need to worry about your vehicle damaging your new driveway. Driveways laid by the pavers on our directory often last upwards of ten years without any form of damage. This is especially true of concrete and clay paving.

If you need paving done right, contact one of the pavers on Elite Trades to guarantee that you will get a strong paving that will last for years to come, as well as having a timeless charm that will not fade.

We only list two pavers in every location, so you do not need to spend more time than necessary trying to find a driveway paver that you can trust. User reviews let you know of the excellent work that they have done for people just like you.

Find Local Paving Companies

When you need to Find a Paver there is no other choice than Elite Trades. Scroll down below to find a local paver in your area.

Are you a local Paver? Would you like to be listed on the UK’s number 1 pavers directory? Please remember that we only allow 2 specialist pavers to advertise in each local area. Check out our monthly and annual price plans here.