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Repointing Brickwork | Local Brick Pointing | Elite Trades

Find Repointing Brickwork Services

Elite Trades can help you to find a repointing specialist. Brick pointing can be difficult, but it does not need to be with our expert specialists.

By browsing our directory, you can rest assured that you will gain quality service from local specialists, with listings in area all over the UK.

Browse our directory and find the right pointer for your needs.

Professional Services

Brick Pointing

Professional pointing services will repair and restore structure and appearance, reduce maintenance and increase property value.


Cleaning & Paint Removal

Professionals use bio-degradable brick cleaner followed by pressure washing to remove stubborn stains and debris.


Masonry Services

These experts offer designs combined with strength by using stone – a energy-efficient technique, good in fire conditions.


Brickwork Repair

Employ regular maintenance to repair and prevent crumbling and decaying mortar, remove climbing plants and apply suitable sealants.


Brick Designs

Choose from a range of colours, bricks and allow a professional to advise a style and pattern to suit your property and specifications.



This finishes the external walls of your property – with cladding, lime, clay, cement, acrylic and monocouche renders, amongst others.



Professionals In Your Area

Elite Trades is here to help you find the best pointers in your area. We realise that repointing brickwork and the roof is very important, as it prevents moisture from getting inside your home through the brickwork and roof – for this reason, the pointing specialists listed here use only the best mortar when sealing gaps between bricks that have been damaged over time or by plants growing on the walls.

The pointers will first take out any existing mortar carefully, without damaging the brickwork or roofing. Then, they will carefully use a trowel to fill in the gaps they have created, thus sealing the elements out of the walls and preventing moisture from penetrating your property through the walls.

This process is very important and can add years to the life of your property – without proper repointing, then your property is at risk of sustaining serious damage from water freeze-thawing at night, causing frost damage, as well as plants growing inside the walls and taking over the structure.

Both domestic and commercial properties can benefit from this procedure, as it will protect your property for years to come.

Browse our listed professional pointing specialists, ready to repoint your brickwork and roofing to help your property become water proof.

Find A Brick Pointing Company In Your Local Area

When you need to Find Pointing Services there is no other choice than Elite Trades. Scroll down below to find a pointing specialist in your area.

Do you offer local Pointing services? Would you like to be listed on the UK’s number 1 directory? Please remember that we only allow 2 exclusive pointing companies to advertise in each local area. Check out our monthly and annual price plans here.