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Clothing Alterations | Bespoke Tailoring | Elite Trades

Find a Tailor Near You

Elite Trades are here to help you find the best clothes alteration specialists near you. If your old clothes lack the charm they once had, or no longer fit then a tailor can help you to give new life to your old clothes. No matter where you are in the United Kingdom, there is a tailor who is near you.

Browse our directory for tailors who will make the clothing alterations that you need.

Featured Services

Wedding Outfits

Experienced tailors will provide specialised bridal wear, bridesmaids, suits and mother of the bride to ensure each aspect is impeccable.

Professional Experience

Expert experience provides quality and will enhance every aspect of tailoring, creating and repairing an item, from materials used to stick required.

Fabric Choices

A professional can advise material and fabric appropriate to use for an item, from suede, silk, leather, cotton and polyester.

Repairing Clothes

For any items fixing and stitching, our professionals will complete each problem efficiently and cost effective to a high standard.

Bespoke Tailoring

Many tailors can create an item from scratch, individual to our design, material, measurements and style.

Clothing Alterations

Our professionals alter garments and household items, from replacement zips to complete re-cuts, with impeccable fits and precise workmanship.


Tailors Providing Clothing Alterations In Your Area

We at Elite Trades can help you to find clothes alteration specialists in your area. If your reliable old clothing is now too tight or too loose, you can have clothing alterations for a reasonable price. This allows you to save money on buying new clothes, especially if the clothing you need to be adjusted was originally expensive.

Tailors can also bring old clothes up to date and in fashion by making alterations to the fabric. By bringing old clothing up to date, you can still wear that favourite shirt while also looking unique and in fashion. This means that you don’t have to throw away all your old clothes just yet.

Tailors can also remake your clothes into something new, such as remaking a bridal gown into christening dresses for your children. No matter how big or small the job is, a tailor can carry out alterations to your own specifications.

Browse our directory to find an expert tailor near you.

Find Bespoke Tailoring Near You

When you need to Find a Tailor there is no other choice than Elite Trades. Scroll down below to find a local tailor in your area.

Are you a local tailor? Would you like to be listed on the UK’s number 1 directory? Please remember that we only allow 3 exclusive tailors to advertise each local area. Check out our monthly and annual price plans here.